Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Voices of Lyme: Meet Artist Keri Colestock

When I saw this artist's work online I absolutely fell in love with it! Keri Colestock has a remarkable story and she was gracious enough to allow me to share it with you here on Voices of Lyme.  Keri works with re-purposed materials of any and all kinds,among other things! If it has been discarded or tossed into the 'worthless' pile you can be sure Keri will want to snatch it up and create something exciting, beautiful, and filled with whimsy!  I can't help but see the symbolism there, as many people who experience Chronic Lyme disease feel that way...tossed aside.  Keri's art represents what we all hope to do with our lives... build something beautiful from something that has forced us to endure many losses, many changes. In fact you will often hear expressions like "lyme has TRASHED my life" or "my beloved career is now in the GARBAGE heap" etc.  Keri's response to that is demonstrated in her art... nothing is ever useless and there is really no such thing as 'trash'... it's just another place to find wonderful, unique, PURPOSEFUL raw material!  If you enjoy Keri's work I invite you to vote for her in the 3RDWARD OPEN CALL Competition! Click here to vote. Voting is open until Friday, March 9.  See all of Keri's work at Unique and Original Art by Keri Colestock (

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And now... I take great pleasure in introducing you to Keri Colestock:

"Lyme is not going to dictate my life. Yes I have it & yes it has been 10 years & 12 pic-lines. I choose to create rather being in bed. I have a life to live & I am doing just that. My art since the diagnosis way back then has just poured out of me. I 'need' to stay busy. I live in Illinois & there is a HUGE flea market where on Sundays during the months they are open I literally will bring home a cart full of objects. When I see them....I know EXACTLY what they are going to be! Or exactly what I need. I just am having a blast! When doctors told me "art would be impossible" I have sold 1500+ pieces. I think they were wrong! 

"Wall Dancers"
Fun whimsical additions for those who love 'different' and unusual. My wish is that they put a smile on your face. No two dolls will ever be alike as I make them one at a time. The 'gals' are made from polymer clay, wire, beads, embellishments & any other fun things I may run across. Their bodies are approximately 12 inches long. Their unique arms are made from wire with beads They are ready to hang.

My Recycled Found Object Sculptures:
Ken Marquis from Landfill Art approached me to be a part of the Landfill Art project. Ken was going to have 1041 artists take scrapped hubcaps clean them up and we the artists were going to turn what was 'junk' into masterpieces. It will be a traveling exhibit and a table book when finished. After I sent my hubcap to Ken I was hooked. The idea of recycling found objects as my canvas is a riot! Flea markets have provided me with the 'treasures' I use in my pieces. Most recycled found object artists use just that... found objects. Many paint theirs and have their own wonderful style. I incorporate my polymer clay on most of my pieces which makes my pieces different.

My "KeRicTures"
These are my whimsical greeters that are approximately 28" tall so a nice size. Ric my husband and I have collaborated to produce these funky colorful figures that wave at you when you walk into a house! I sketch the faces while Ric's amazing talent takes my sketch and makes the face into 5-6 layers of Masonite. Once painted they are truly whimsical & colorful. Their faces are all different but the bodies are the same with the exception of the shoes depending on whether they are male or female.

My first 300 "Wall Dancers" were made in bed after my diagnosis of Lyme Disease in 2002. I was literally crawling & could not focus. Since I have sold over 1400 of my "Wall Dancers" dolls. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I accept I am exactly where I am supposed to be today. I choose to live my life with the cards that I was dealt. I am blessed with a beautiful family & friends. I have met great people & learned many valuable lessons on my journey. I cannot change the Lyme Disease but I can choose how to live my life with it and I do. Life is good!"


  1. Thank you so much honey Donna. You are more than kind my dear new friend. With Lyme we all have a story to tell. It was sweet that you recognized my story. Hugs, love & kisses.

  2. Keri I was excited to discover your beautiful work! It inspires me to remember what your work represents! Thank YOU for sharing your story. Best of luck in 3RDWARD! I look forward to seeing your emerging work!


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