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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Knocking on Wood?

What's all this knocking
On wood?

The Center ring
will always
have its way.

Knocking on wood is an interesting custom. When you try to look for the origin of why we knock on wood you may find, as I did, a myriad of slightly related reasons all related to spirits and the wood. The story I heard came from my father when he took up wood carving. He became curious about the custom of knocking on wood and so looked it up (I assume, the old fashioned way - in a library). My dad said that, as the superstition goes, wood spirits will try to undo the good things if they hear you mention certain things you're glad about~ we knock on wood so that they cannot hear, therefore are none the wiser. We are safe from their mischief if we remember to rattle their brains with a good rapping. Of course, there are other stories that go with this custom, some completely opposite in meaning to the one my father shared. I'll stick with Dad's version, just for old times' sake. 

This poem offered as a response to the Tweetspeak Poetry Whittles and Wood Poetry Prompt: Growth Rings. I imagined being the center ring annoyed by all the knocking. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ice Games

photo by Donna Z. Falcone 2014

i love how
puddles freeze
grab the winter chill
shrinking edges play
capture the leaf
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